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Editing Google Doodle Score with Chrome

Google Olympic Games doodle are quite the buzz these days. While some are trying hard to get the highest among friends, some are simply using developer console tools inbuilt in Firefox and Chrome to change the score. If you have never heard about these tools and wondering how are your friends getting such high score, this post is for you.

Google Chrome comes up with their awesome inbuilt tool. To edit your score just do this.

  1. Play a game in the doodle and wait in the final score page. I’m making this guide with respect to the basketball doodle.
  2. Right click on the score part (as shown below) and select ‘Inspect Element’. (Alternatively you can press F12 key to invoke Developer console and search for ‘hplogo_sse’.

    Google Chrome Inspect Element

  3. You can see the score in the console. Double click on the number to ¬†edit it, type the new score and press ‘Enter’ key to save changes. Now its time to change the star rating.

    Original values Google Doodle

    Modified version of Google Doodle

  4. The star rating can be modified by changing the ‘div’ class attribute. Just below the score, there will be three divs, change the class attribute from ‘hplogo_smh’ to ‘hplogo_smg’.
  5. This completes your new Google basketball doodle.

Edited Google Doodle


  1. That’s a great trick Ram. I was wondering how people were getting over 100 points in that Doodle based Basketball game. Oh, this was the tweak :). Thanks for sharing it with us buddy.

  2. Hey ramkumar, the tips really worked.. thanks a for awesome informative article.

  3. thanks for this great trick on editing Google doodle. now i can increase my score.

  4. Nice trick, just tried it and it works! Thanks!

  5. Thank you for sharing this.i really enjoyed.

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