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How to Solve DLL problems in Wine

Wine is the only best Windows emulator for Linux, although many other tools exist they fail to cope up with the performance of Wine. This post is a guide to solve some of the most commonly occurring while emulating programs in Wine.

  1. ixme:storage:create_storagefile Storage share mode not implemented
  2. err:seh:raise_exception Unhandled exception code c0000005

I have been trying to run a proxy software under Wine and these two errors were thrown and the application terminated itself. At first I thought the problem was with the graphics card, I removed the graphics card driver and installed the latest one, still no use. Later I figured out that the issue may be with the dll files that I copied.

Wine - Windows Emulator

Wine - Windows Emulator

Wine does not come inbuilt with some dlls, while I executed the application for the first time it prompted me with the warning that the following dlls are missing (msvcp60.dll and mfc42.dll). I downloaded the dlls from the Internet and copied them to the System32 folder of the Wine directory. That was the mistake I committed, the DLLS that I downloaded were old and incompatible.

Solve the DLL Problem in Wine

I resolved this problem by using Winetricks to install the DLLs for me, rather than manually downloading and copying them to the System32 folder.

winetricks corefonts vcrun6

Run the above code in the terminal and it will automatically download the required fonts and dll to your Wine directory. vcrun6 indicates the visual 6 environment files. You can also select vc2003, vc2005 and vc2008 depending on the software that you will be using.



  1. Bro… can you please write a good post on how to run Photoshop on Linux? That’s the only reason im using Windows!

  2. Thta’s the best answer of all time! JMHO

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