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Neeeed For Speed!

Need for speed is back ! with hot pursuit 2010. It must be said that its again another sequel to its previous release which was first out in 1998 and with the same title, need for speed hot pursuit at the time of its first released was a big hit because of its cop pursuit and high speed chases and in 2002 need for speed: hot pursuit II was up for grabs which made a difference with chopper chases and updated high speed cars , now in 2010 gamers are eager to look out for changes which could revolutionaries racing games . The game will support 3D-display output with play station 3 and PC  , Hot pursuit 2010 is the sixteenth release in the need for speed franchise  and third of its hot pursuit title.  the game is designed by Criterion Games (gamming company which was taken over by EA back in 2004) and of course published by EA(Electronic Arts) the game is gona be out tomorrow and it will be released in north America and Europe then moves to Australia on the eighteenth of November and  expected to hit the stores of India by mid December.


The new autolog system is awesome,its kinda the one which is found in the previous need for speed: world .autolog is where all the records bounty and information about each gamer has been stored and the gamers get to know who their are up against ,it stores the friends list and all the stuff you need. Their will be more about autolog in the actual game review.

Check out the trailer of the new Need for Speed: Hot pursuit 2010 below, Over 2million people has already downloaded the demo version of the game till date, and we will be reviewing the entire game when it hits Indian market.

Awards (already?) :D

Best Racing Game – 1UP,IGN,Game Critics Awards,GameInformer,GamePro,The Electric Playground- X-Play
Best Racing Game – Gaming Excellence
Best Multiplayer Experience – VGChartz
Reason to Live – GamesRadar



  1. NFS has been one of my all time top favorite racing games. Great review about the new edition.

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    • hmm..looks gud dude..

  3. how can i download the nfs hot persuit to the windows 7 laptop
    can u guy’s gide me 2 download this …….. i am a huge fan of tht game

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