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Google India Music

Google labs has recently launched a new product called the Google Music India. This awesome product searches for Hindi songs from popular sites such as, and and displays the song results with features to play. The search can be done either by the song name or the movie name. Incase if a movie is searched, the entire songs in the movie will be displayed along with details such as the singer, music composer etc. The song / movie keyword suggestion in search is unbeatable by any other competitor online music directories. The feature at present is available only for Hindi songs, but soon or later songs from other Indian languages will be supported. Visit to have a look at the new Google lab product.

Google Labs India – Hindi Music Directory

Google Music Labs Hindi

Google Music Labs Hindi

Google Hindi Music

Google Hindi Music

Google Labs Music Hindi

Google Labs Music Hindi


  1. … this is true right

  2. DJ Music lovers in mumbai get ready! Umek, the hit slovenian dj is performing live for Sunday Sundown at Aurus. Hit the floor, swing to the techno music & enjoy the cuisine at the lovely seaside venue. For more deatils check this url

  3. which is now redirecting to too used to offer a similar search for music. And it was a really great search they used to offer. There was not just a play option, it also used to have a download option. Again it would source songs from the popular online music sites. Don’t know why they closed down. Would not have got a funding. Many good ideas close down because of lack of funding.

    So all I want to tell is that Google India has not come up with a novel idea. It has just copied it.


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