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How to Change Theme in Opera

Opera at recent times is popular amongst the browsers. Like personas in Firefox , Opera also allows to change its themes. Infact you have a good collection of Themes of Opera available. This guide will help you on how to change the background image , theme of Opera.

How to Change the Background Theme in Opera

  • Open Opera Browser.
  • Press Shift + F12 (Function Key 12)
  • This will open the Appearance window.
  • Click on the Find more Skin checkbox to get the list of all themes that are available for use with Opera.
  • Click on the theme that you like and Press Download button.
  • The theme will automatically download.
  • Opera will then prompt you with a message to apply the skin or not. Click on apply.


  1. well thats a quick guide and never thought of changing themes in opera.

  2. Cool.. its time i give s change to my Opera :D

  3. thats great!!!!!

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