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How to delay / advance Audio in VLC Player

This tutorial will guide on how to delay or advance audio sound in VLC Media Player. Sometime the audio goes out of sync with the video, that case, VLC provides features to advance or delay the sound so that both Audio and Video are synchronized.

How to Synchronize Audio in VLC Media Player

  • Open the video file, whose audio you want to synchronize.
  • In the Menu bar select Tools -> Track Synchronization.
  • This will open a window , select the Synchronization tab in the window.
  • You will see a window like this. VLC Audio Video Synchronization
  • In the shown control, you will be provided with option to increase or decrease the value.
  • Zero(0)  means the sound and video sync will not be altered, a positive value means Sound will be advanced over video, a negative value means the sounds will be delayed compared to the video.
  • Change the value manually until the audio syncs with the video. This is a trial – error method. VLC has no smart video – audio synchronization feature in it. (For that matter, hardly any media player has this feature)

Commonly Occurring Problems

  • Incase if the changes you have made have not come into effect, kindly stop the video and play it again.
  • Incase if the changing values are too high, you can specify your own duration by entering in the control box.


  1. Nice tutorial ,VLC is such a feature rich application.

  2. Nice tutorial…sumtimes I faced d problem with voice n video display matching

  3. Hi… Good post RK…
    There is an option for setting short keys for the foresaid features… The default keys can be found/editted in the preferences menu…

  4. ‘g’ and ‘f’ seem to be the hotkeys for adjusting delay in windows vlc.

    I wonder, is there a way to change the sensitivity of the key press, so instead of 50ms increments, it movies the audio by 20, 25 or whatever?


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