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Technology Site with updated news about Mobiles, Gadgets, Laptops, Windows, Linux, Tutorial, Internet, Web, Android, IPhone Cheat Codes has at present has recently become the most popular game amongst the die – hard cricket fans in the world. This 2D game combines the power of a high quality cricket game and a powerful multilayer feature with any user around the globe.

Introduction is similar to the online cricket games that you have played but with a difference. Here you don’t play against computers, but you play over thousands of online players. The game is a 5 over match, where you need to get as much as you can. Upon every successful win you will earn points and move to the higher level. The points can be used to manage your team. You can boost the power level of your team players using the points. Better the power level, the more stronger your batsman are.

How to Earn Points

There are few simple steps to do to earn points in Howzat. These are the legal steps that can be used. However the disadvantage is that the points are very limited.

  • Request your friends to join, Every friend you get you will get 3 Points
  • Send Email to friend , asking them to join – 3 Points
  • Become a fan ( like the howzat facebook page) – 3 Points
  • Bookmark Howzat on Facebook – 5 Points
  • Connect Howzat with Facebook – 10 Points

There are some of the other ways where you can earn points, these points are obtained during the game play. There are list of achievements that should be obtained in order to unlock the points. Here is the complete list of the achievements.

Cheat Codes

Howzat game has no cheat codes made during development, that means, no matter what unless you buy points, you cannot get points extra. However there is one way to increase your points by a large value. Simply follow the below steps.

  1. Open Facebook in two different browsers, each of them logged in , using different accounts.
  2. You can add the second account to the first using the “Find a friend using Email Feature”.
  3. Make the second person as dummy and only play with the first player. Get past any of the achievements as listed in the above image, that can rapidly increase your points and your level.
  4. You can make use of the Auto Bowler feature for the second player, so simply place the pointer in a awkward position so that the first player can hit the boundaries.

Why Other Cheats wont work

The game is not developed like the other flash games, so cheat engines will never work on Howzat. However they maintain a central database , a kind of intermediate platform inbetween two players, so cheating on one side , doesn’t affect the game at all. But the above cheat can earn you points, as I mentioned above , incase you have more points , you can manage the team by increasing their power level.If a normal player hits to get 1 run, the strongest level player can turn that into a boundary. Until I find any software cheat for this game, stick on to this cheat, I will come back soon with the update. To get daily updates on our posts kindly subscribe to our feeds or by email as shown below.

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