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Software to find number of RSS subscribers

I recently searched if I could get any software that can give me the details about the number of RSS subscribers for a selected Feedburner profile, But I couldn’t find any of them. So being an .NET enthusiast I developed by own application for this purpose.

Well here are some  screenshot of the Feed Counter I made. Note: I have made two versions of the software, One for computer with .NET installed and one for computers without .NET.

Download Link RSS Feed Counter:

Click here to Download Normal Version

Click here to Download without .NET Version

Check Feed Subscribers Statistics

Feed Subscribers Statistics over given period of time

Find number of RSS Subscribers

Feed Statistics on a particular day


  1. Find out the details of any FeedBurner profile
  2. Gets the Circulation, Hits and Reach on a given day
  3. Gets the Details on a period of time
  4. Export to CSV (Comma Separated Value) available
  5. Get Results in Instant
  6. Portable Application , Need not be Installed.


There are two ways of getting RSS details on the application.

  1. Get details on a particular day
  2. Get details on a given set of period

Get Stated

Initially when you open the file, you will get a screen like this.

Feed Count

Feed Count Initial Page

  1. In the Text Box enter the FeedBurner Name that you want to get details of. For Eg, techcrunch or bytechip etc
  2. Press Enter or Click on Update Button
  3. This will get started to the below screen.
  4. Here there are two options either select the particular day statistics or select the statistics over a period of time
  5. NOTE:  Its always advisable to select a day before the present day( As Feedburner updates it once in a day)

RSS Feed Count

Statistics page on Feed Count

Get Subscriber Details on Given Day

This option will report give details about the Feed subscribers on a particular day. To change the date you got to click on the drop down box , that will display a calendar control. Simply select the day you want and click on the command button “Click to find out statistics“. The report will be generated in the right side.

rss calendar

Date Calendar

Given Day Statistics

Given Day Statistics

Get Subscriber Details of Particular Period

As the title says this option will get the feed details over a particular period of time. There are two dates displayed, the Start Date and End Date. You can select both by choosing the value from Calendar Control ( you get it when you click on the drop down box near the date). Then click on “Click to find out statistics”  to get the details over the given period and they will be displayed in a table like format. If you wish to export the details to Excel File, you can do so by clicking on the “Export to CSV” button.

Statistics Table

Statistics Table

Clear Button

The Clear button will load a fresh version of the Feed Counter, so you can search for some other Feed ID, Incase you want to get the statistics of another person , you can any of the following two.

Click the Clear Button and start afresh


Change the Name in the Textbox and click on Update


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